Coherix technologies enable customers to control the quality of the products they manufacture. Coherix customers produce high volumes of precision parts which must meet very high quality standards. Coherix products capture high speed, high definition 3D pictures within seconds to allow customers to quickly and accurately see that each part being produced meets their quality standards.

Coherix customers are large manufacturers like Panasonic, GM, TRW, Bosch, and Apple. In addition, Coherix and Volvo Truck, the world’s second largest truck manufacturer, have developed a strategic relationship. Volvo is Coherix’s largest investor and serves on the Board of Directors. The market for Coherix products in Automotive and Electronics alone is in excess of $1 Billion annually. Coherix products also have the capability to meet the quality control needs in other manufacturing industries. Coherix has wholly owned subsidiaries in Singapore and Europe. Coherix is in the process of launching a Joint Venture company in China with a large high-tech state-owned enterprise.

The company has an experienced management team and Board of Directors. Coherix is the third high tech company created by the Coherix management team members in the Ann Arbor area. Perceptron the second company is a Public company. The management has the experience to build a company from the start up phase growing it to the IPO and beyond. Coherix collaborates closely with the University of Michigan also located in Ann Arbor. This year the University will perform over $1.3 Billion of basic research. Coherix owns core patents on Holographic technology invented at the University of Michigan. Coherix’s collaboration with the University has won The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Award totaling over $5 million to advance Coherix technology. Coherix also received the prestigious Henry Ford Technology Award in 2009 for its development of ShaPix 3D High Definition Holography.

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