ALTe’s mission: To advance sustainable mobility for the global community through product innovation, operational and engineering excellence resulting in affordable, meaningful powertrain solutions for our customers The issue: Every day in the United States, 378 million gallons of gasoline are consumed by automobiles, producing 7.56 billion pounds of CO2 emissions. The need to develop alternative-powered vehicles is urgent – not only to bring vehicles into compliance with upcoming emissions standards, but to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil and save on vehicle and fuel costs. By increasing the fuel efficiency of existing vehicles, we can make significant progress towards achieving those objectives.P> The solution: ALTe is an electric powertrain company poised to become an industry leader in the electrification of commercial and government fleet vehicles. ALTe has developed a proprietary Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) powertrain system. The ALTe electric powertrain system is an aggregate of common components plus the proprietary ALTe “Green Box.” The vehicle initially runs up to 40 miles off of electricity stored in the battery from an overnight charge. Then, a 4-cylinder engine generator set kicks on to produce electricity to drive the motor and recharge the battery.

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