GDRC- Green Box Project Updates



We are currently waiting for the business updates from Ron Van Den Heuvel and /or Green Box corporate office concerning the Green Box-Detroit project. We have received a general “One Bin for All” update but it does not specifically address the Detroit facility.

About Green Box Detroit:

Green Box holds world changing technologies with FDA approval that will process after sanitizing food contaminated waste streams to create tissue products, oils, diesel, ethanol, compressed syngas, synthetic fuels, sugars, bio char soil enhancement material, paper cups and electricity.

Green Box’s entire post-consumer process is accomplished with a minor source air permit, zero waste water discharge, no landfill requirement, no incineration of waste material, and will be accomplished at significant cost savings.

Green Box NA Michigan facilities will certify reclamation of post-consumer waste while creating zero effluent waste water discharge post-production. In addition, Green Box NA Michigan’s facilities will produce all of the electricity and process gas required to operate the facility, and will produce synthetic fuel oil to sell.

Organic post-consumer waste materials include food waste, paper cups, milk cartons, juice cartons, plastic lids, plastic utensils, paper or plastic plates, straws, styrofoam, plastic cups, napkins, sludge/extracted poly from the pulping process, and any other packaging waste materials.

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