GDRC- Inmatech Project Updates



a) Inmatech was Awarded “50 Companies to Watch” for the State of Michigan Small Business Association of Michigan. The Gala event is on May 5, 2016 in Lansing, Michigan.

b) Inmatech was introduced in a recent article “Inmatech expects breakout year for its battery tech” in Concentrate (March 16, 2016).

c) Inmatech is near closing a joint development agreement with a major U.S corporation to supply cells to an automotive supplier for a start-stop application. Details will be circulated after the closing.

d) Inmatech submitted a white paper to CERDEC (Department of Defense- ARMY) for development of high power energy storage systems for communication and soldier applications.

e) Inmatech will submit up to 2 proposals for the Department of Defense Rapid Innovation Fund opportunities ($3,000,000 per contract).


a) Scale-up of VN (Vanadium Nitride)

Internally, Inmatech built an additional large scale reactor to add to the existing lab-scale synthesis reactors for VN, which increased the in-house daily production by 150 times, to support the in-house prototype assembly. The Company is planning to continuously increase the in-house VN production capabilities and fortify the core materials technology.

Externally, Hazen Research (Boulder, Colorado) is the Company’s strategic partner to provide pilot scale VN in the near term and production scale (in China) in the long term. Inmatech plans to achieve up to Kg production levels by the end of 2016.

b) Prototype Assembly

Inmatech is working with BIC (Battery Innovation Center), UMEI (University of Michigan Energy Institute) for the electrode coating and assembly for cylindrical (18650) and pouch cells, respectively. Concurrently, the Company is working with REO (Rare Earth Ovonics) and King Power in Baotou China to produce commercial D-cells to support the hybrid energy storage system (HES) for the NSF Phase II project.

c) Customer Demonstration

Inmatech was awarded the Phase IIB award ($500,000) from NSF (National Science Foundation) to demonstrate a hybrid energy storage system for neighborhood EVs (electric vehicles) in September, 2015. The Company is developing D cells for the HES that will be used in the demonstration for the NSF.

About Inmatech:

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Inmatech is an emerging company dedicated to next generation supercapacitors that incorporate low-cost, high-performing materials to optimize energy storage. Inmatech aims to commercialize its next generation supercapacitors within industries that need higher energy storage density and lower cost than current available supercapacitors.

To bring the next generation supercapacitor to market, Inmatech has secured private and federal funding, and key commercial partnerships in technology research, materials, manufacturing, validation and distribution. Pending commercial applications include use in hybrid electric vehicles and uninterruptible power supplies for smart grids and defense equipment.

The team led by Co-Founders Professor Levi Thompson, Dr. Saemin Choi, Dr. Paul Rasmussen and Dr. Stefan Heinemann formed through the University of Michigan, where they work, teach, invent and collaborate. The U-M Office of Technology Transfer helps Inmatech leverage the commercial potential of the Company’s innovation, by licensing the product, attracting investment and actively moving it from lab to commercial marketplace.

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